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A Journey

Towards Excellence

Welcome to 3-60 Global


3-60 Global Company is a group based in Nigeria, with operations in China and beyond. Our forte is delivering excellence. We believe that excellence is not an abstract,but can be achieved with proper commitment and we try to bring this to bear in our service delivery. As a company, we aren’t just focused on profit generation. We are strongly driven by adding value to society. That is why we give equal attention to corporate social duty (Charity & Education), as well as to the the profit generating arms of our company (Entertainment, Trade, Consultancy, Health, General Contracts).


At 3-60, we believe that education is the recipe for progress and prosperity and we work to provide the best of it in many ways than one.


A lot of work should come with a little party. When it comes to partying and fun, we rock!


Giving back to the society is one of our guiding principles as a company. At 3-60, we give back to the society that has given so much to us.

Trade (Imports/export)

3-60 Global company is professionally placed to cater to your importing needs, whatever they may be.


Health is wealth and for us, this is more than a mantra. It is a belief, it is a lifestyle.


With researchers and seasoned professionals in different fields, we provide full service professional consulting to help you make the right informed fact-based decisions in politics, business, education, public policy and more.

General contracts

Building and Construction, sourcing and supplies, these are a few of the areas where we apply our expertise. Excellence is our watchword and we work to provide the highest level of service, with a focus on bringing satisfaction to our clients.

We Make Beautiful Things

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  • Charity
  • Contracts
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Trade


mental health awareness initiative


we believe that education is the recipe for progress


mental health awareness initiative

Import & Export

We are professionally placed to cater to your needs

General Contracts

Building, construction, sourcing and supplies


Fired up and always ready

Inspired design for the digital age

We’re passionate about solving problems through creative communications.

Newest technology

As technology improves, our processes and systems improve and adapt to serve you better.

Attention to details

We are focused on getting it right and aware that small details can have a big impact.

Proven worldwide

Produce the highest quality work and services for every client, on every project

Honest pricing

Sourcing directly makes our markup lower than the industry norm allowing you to receive higher quality services for less.


Leadership Team


C.E Ogamdi

Executive Director

As the founder of 3-60 group of companies, he has spurned the traditional title of CEO and the bogus privileges it affords so as to focus on growing the company in the shortest possible time.

Having demonstrated a knack for business and service delivery even from his university days, Ogamdi spends majority of his time sourcing new opportunities, businesses, and clients to grow the company base. He also acts as an a last bastion, signing off on projects and services after they have reached the highest standards of business and industry.


Emma-Amaechi Ebube

Managing Director

His degree in medicine and surgery from Shenyang Medical College, China has equipped him with the patience and attention to detail needed to oversee all our operations simultaneously, making sure that they meet the highest standards of industry and customer satisfaction. He is in charge of meeting targets, handling logistics, and optimizing product and service delivery.

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